Institutional Relations

Turboden closely monitors legislative and policy developments related to renewable energies and energy efficiency at international, European and national level through interaction with authorities, institutions and trade associations. In this respect, Turboden has built up an extensive network of global relations in order to participate in common projects and public private partnership.


"In its constant effort towards a more sustainable and greener world, Turboden also contributes to developing innovative projects and shaping global dialogue on energy issues through cooperation with the academic world, international organizations and funds committed to clean energy and environmental protection as well as development banks." 

Marco Baresi - Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director.


Institutional Relations

EGEC - Board 2022

Marco Baresi - Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director of Turboden has been elected as EGEC Vice President.

"Many thanks to those who allowed me to join the EGEC Geothermal board. I strongly believe in the importance of standing for such an important cause. There are a lot of opportunities to come in geothermal as well as the renewable power and thermal energy full deployment, the lithium strategy, the Close Loop Technologies and we've now to be ready to embrace them.
Associations such as EGEC have a priceless role in this geothermal decade."

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Institutional Relations

Euroheat & Power - 2022

New role for Marco Baresi, Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director at Turboden, as Board Member of Euroheat & Power (EHP), the European association, network for district energy, which promotes sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and beyond.

"I’m very proud to be part of this qualified association, contributing in technical and financial discussions and providing the expertise from the industrial side in renewable and energy efficiency field."

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Ilaria Peretti - Heat is power

Heat is Power Association - 2021

Ilaria Peretti, Manager of Business Development and Sales in North America at Turboden, is excited to join HiP’s ranks as executive member, “Turboden has the engineering, technological capability and talent to help industrial end-users confront the challenge of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. HiP has insight into the evolving U.S. policy landscape for waste heat to power and provides critical networking opportunities. I look forward to being an active participant in HiP on behalf of Turboden and our industry.”

The Heat is Power Association is the national trade association representing the waste heat to power (WHP) industry.


Marco Baresi Italcogen

Italcogen - Board 2021

Congratulations to Marco Baresi, Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director at Turboden, confirmed as Vice President of Italcogen, Italian association of Confindustria about manufacturers and distributors of cogeneration, heat recovery and fuel cell systems at national level.

"Italcogen is the home of energy efficiency technologies, which are key to the competitiveness and sustainability of businesses, particularly in manufacturing. The new institutional programme is very intense, from European policies for the implementation of the Green Deal in collaboration with Cogen Europe to national policies for energy efficiency with Confindustria, till the recent coordination of the Italcogen-Utilitalia-Assoesco associative table with the GSE. In short... Energy efficiency first!"

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Institutional Relations

ETIP-DG - Steering Committee 2021-2023

Congratulations to Marco Baresi, Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director at Turboden, elected as Steering Committee Member 2021-2023 of the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG).

ETIP-DG is an open stakeholder group, endorsed by the European Commission under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), with the overarching objective to enable deep geothermal technology to proliferate and reach its full potential everywhere in Europe.

The Steering Committee is the highest decision-making body of the ETIP-DG. Its primary aim is to provide guidance concerning the activities of the Platform, ensuring that the ETIP-DG’s other bodies and working groups effectively pursue the ultimate mission of the ETIP-DG.

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Turboden - Cogen Europe Award

Bruxelles, July 5th, 2018

"I am proud to receive on behalf of Turboden the Cogen Europe Award, for the innovative 3.8 MWe cogenerative solution from solid biomass for a district heating in Denmark."

Marco Baresi - Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director

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