Turboden is a fast-growing company, with a constant pursuit of fresh ideas and ground-breaking solutions. 
The power industry is quickly evolving and we are determined to be at the forefront of change, leveraging our creativity to define the new renewable energy era, with the aim at becoming an icon for the people interested in ORC solutions and in renewable energy. We are always looking for people who are passionate, talented and inventive: if you think you could be a good fit for us, take a look at our vacancies or send us your resume.


  • 1
    BE CHALLENGING. Everyone’s point of view is worth and we give our people the opportunity to make the difference, generating leaders through experience.
  • 2
    BE CURIOUS. We give our people the chance to improve work-related skills: training and mentoring are our strength.
  • 3
    BE GREEN. We believe that our technology make the world a better place, be part of our vision.
  • 4
    BE POSITIVE. We take initiative, we innovate, and we try new things. Changes provide opportunities, when people are enthusiastic.

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