Facts 2019

Bioenergia Fiemme

Trento, Italy
20 July 2019

Bioenergia Fiemme plant celebrates 20 years! A brilliant model of circular economy, territorial marketing and perfect exploiting of natural resources.

HYDROGEN roundtable in partnership with WIRED

London, UK
4 July 2019

Turboden is proud to contribute the MHI "HYDROGEN roundtable in partnership with WIRED”. The use of hydrogen will enable society to comprehensively decarbonise. Geothermal is one of the potential routes to the production of green hydrogen...

Facts 2018


Tashkent, Uzbekistan
23 October 2018

Turboden has been invited by the Minister of Innovation Development of the Republic Uzbekistan, at Innoweek. We have the opportunity to share the experience in the energy efficiency during the opening ceremony. 

COGEN Europe Award

Bruxelles, Belgium
5 July 2018

COGEN EUROPE awards Turboden for the cogenerative 3.8 MWe solution from solid biomass for a district heating in Denmark. It is a hybrid innovative biomass plant that associates a Turboden unit with a CSP system to generate heat and power.

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