Africa Energy Indaba

16 February 2016

Turboden takes part in Africa Energy Indaba, Johannesburg, February 16-17 with a very high-level participation! The Africa Energy Indaba is an important event that aims at bringing suppliers, top decision-makers, and key role-players in the energy sector together for two days of knowledge sharing and networking. You can meet Turboden staff at Turboden & Energas Technologies booth no. D9.

At this event, you can also join our workshop on February 16th at 10.45 am, where Alessandro Bertacchini, Turboden Sales Are Manager for African market, introduces Turboden Heat Recovery Applications. Moreover on February 17th Mr Bertacchini attends Panel 8 - Renewable Energy Technologies.

If you are interested in more in-depth learning opportunities, don’t miss our seminar on February 18th in Board Room 6 and 7 on Level 2, which deals with ORC & Waste Heat Recovery applications (9:00-12:00 on Thursday, 18 February) and ORC & Renewable Resources (13:00-16:00 also on Thursday, 18 February). To register at the seminar please send an email to [email protected]

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