Exploring the future of Russia's economy and markets

28 December 2018

Did you know that ORC for heat recovery in the Oil&Gas sector can foster sustainable economic development for Russia?

Don't miss the opportunity to discover more about the sustainable economic development of Russia's economy and markets! Read the brand-new book "Exploring the future of Russia's economy and markets: towards sustainable economic development" based on the April 2017 conference "New reality and Russian Markets" held at Harvard University.

While providing definitive technical insights into financial technology, industrial policies and technological parks, the book highlights how energy efficiency improvements, by means of ORC technology, increase the environmental friendliness of Oil&Gas industries. A sector that is however still characterized by a dominant role of the fossil fuels.

Among the different ORC solutions to improve energy efficiency, Turboden references demonstrate promising results, confirming the suitability of Organic Rankine Cycle technology for Russian Oil&Gas industry.

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