08 October 2020

On October 13th at 10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Alberto Ghidoni, Turboden Sales Application Manager Steam & Power, will give a speech about "STEAM & POWER TECNOLOGIA INNOVATIVA PER LA COGENERAZIONE INDUSTRIALE AD ALTA TEMPERATURE – IL CASO CEREAL DOCKS".
Numerous manufacturing industries, operating in multiple sectors such as agro-food, paper, chemical-pharmaceutical, textile, rubber, etc., present together with the electrical requirements a high thermal consumption in the form of steam.

STEAM & POWER ORC SYSTEM ® (ST&P) is the new Organic Rankine Cycle(ORC) plant of Turboden, a company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group, able to generate steam and electricity. A technology designed and built to meet the energy requirements of an area of the cogeneration market not covered by other technological solutions: ST&P allows to obtain a high production of steam in cogeneration (from 5 to 40 t/h of steam with pressure from 4 and 30 bar) together with electrical generation (from 500 kW and 5 MW) and guarantees a thermo-electric efficiency equal to 92%, even at partial loads (up to 20% of the nominal power), produces heat at high temperature and is ideal for processes with high consumption of steam (or other high temperature fluids, such as superheated water, diathermic oil, hot air).

The Steam&Power is also suitable to work in combined cycle downstream of gas turbines or in parallel with endothermic engines. The latter is the case developed for the company Cereal Docks, leader in the production of ingredients such as flours, oils and lecithins, derived from oilseeds and cereals for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical, energy and animal nutrition sectors.

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