20 April 2021

Envirotech is an online conference focusing on reducing the cement industry's environmental footprint and will took place on 20th & 21st April 2021.

Turboden will be present at the event with the FREE WEBCAST: "Decrease Energy Consumption with ORC Heat Recovery Systems: A Way to Sustainability" - Tuesday 20 Apr, 3 PM (CEST).

Cement production is an energy-intensive process and increasing its efficiency is one of the key actions to be more competitive in the market while improving sustainability.

Typically 30 to 35% of the energy input is lost in the pre-heater and clinker cooler off-gas. This heat source is already available, so why don’t use it to produce electric energy, and therefore reduce energy cost and improve sustainability and decarbonization?

A special thank goes to Robert DUpertius (Holcim Suisse Eclepens/Cadcime), that agreed to share his experience with Turboden WHR system installed in its cement plant in Switzerland.


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