24 October 2022

“Energy efficiency and sustainability in gas infrastructure”

Turboden, together with the Italian Embassy, organize and High-Level side event at COP27.

November 17, 2022, h 15:30-17:30 Italian Pavillon - Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt



Natural gas passing every day through pipelines all over the world is transported by means of compressor stations installed along pipeline-network systems

To guarantee the best possible flow, these stations are usually installed at intervals wider than 60 miles (around 100 km) to avoid pressure loss.

Even with current systems, approximately 3-5% of all gas transported via pipeline is lost in transportation, making even more important to find a way to optimally operate the compressors through the pipeline. The DahshourProject was born starting from this premise.

Energy efficiency in gas transmission and distribution infrastructures is in fact the first key to save gas and reduce leakages. But gas savings is also an opportunity to increase export volumes, sustainability and revenues

Thanks to DahshourProject, a pioneering first of its kind energy efficiency project, promoted by the Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources of Egypt thanks to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development funds (EBRD) and developed by Turboden with technical partners, the entire network will be able not only to recover over 65 MSm3/year and reduce CO2 emissions up to 120,000 tons/year but also to increase energy security while reducing environmental footprint.


This round table will offer a platform for an exchange among Partner, Organizations, and other interested governmental vs non-governmental, public vs private stakeholders on challenges and opportunities in the deployment and replicability of such as energy efficiency projects in different areas.

With the support of public funds for sustainable development as well as a proper policy framework, it will be in fact possible to promote replicable energy efficiency projects in several countries to modernize gas infrastructure, achieve gas savings and reduce gas leaks, preparing this infrastructure for future transmission of green gas such as hydrogen.


All participants of the Conference are invited to bring their contributions and expertise to provide continued support in creating effective investment environments for a scaled deployment of energy efficiency solutions, along with disseminating key model and best-case solutions for next implementations at large scale. These kinds of technologies not only should play a crucial role in worldwide energy efficiency and transition but also represent a cornerstone in international partnership and multilateral approach.


The roundtable is structured as a high-level conference session, which will be followed by an ad hoc panel discussion on technical/economic topics.

The target audience of the Conference is experts, policymakers, high-level representatives of public, private, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations operating that are committed to scaling up energy efficiency deployment.

Moderator: Journalist Dave Keating at France24

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