Turboden is awarded the COGEN Europe Recognition Award 2016 for its geothermal cogeneration plants in the Technology and Innovation category

Thanks to its outstanding contribution in geothermal cogeneration plants, Turboden is the winner of the 2016 COGEN Europe Recognition Award by COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration.

23 June 2016

Turboden received the COGEN Europe Recognition Award 2016 for its remarkable achievement in the cogeneration sector through its geothermal cogenerative plants.

Turboden is a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, leader in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for distributed power generation from renewable sources and waste heat.

Paolo Bertuzzi, Managing Director and CEO, collects the award from the Cogen Europe Executive Committee during the official ceremony in Milan, and declares, “Turboden has always believed in cogeneration and has always distinguished itself in providing innovative, high efficient and winning solutions.

Since 1980, our company supplied more than 320 ORC plants in 34 countries, about 80% of which are cogenerative in biomass and waste to energy applications reaching more than 8,6 million hours of successfully operations.

Turboden has developed geothermal cogenerative ORC plants as well and this award confirms the strength, skill and innovation that Turboden has put in extending its range of applications into the geothermal field. Currently we are developing new geothermal plants in Turkey, Germany, Croatia and overseas confirming the strong competence of our company in this field.

Moreover, today, we are launching a state-of-the-art ORC cogeneration system suitable for manufacturing process optimized for steam and power production.

Reliability, Innovation and custom-oriented are the key words for Turboden the Mitsubishi worldwide reference company for ORC technology”

Thanks to its over 35-years experience in ORC turbogenerators, Turboden has proved itself able to design, manufacture and deliver more than 320 turbogenerators worldwide, of which more than 250 are cogenerative.

Confident in its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, Turboden has implemented cogenerative power plants in the geothermal sector as well. The Italian company has produced and commissioned three combined heat and power geothermal units, one in Austria (Altheim) and two in Germany (Bavaria) with an overall power installed of 10 MW electric. A further 4.2 MW geothermal power plant is under construction to be delivered in Croatia.

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