Turkey keeps on Investing in Renewables: 5.5 MWe Power-only ORC Biomass Plant with Air-cooled condenser for AGT Factory supplied by Turboden

29 March 2018

Turboden, a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), leader in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbogenerators for distributed power generation employing renewable sources and waste heat, signed an order with AGT A.Ş. for a 5.5 MWe power-only unit.

AGT A.Ş. is one of the leading companies of the world in furniture components sector. AGT serves for the construction industry with its production of flooring, door, wall panels and baseboard and for the furniture and decoration sector with its production of MDF, MDF-LAM Panel.

The high-efficiency ORC unit, installed by Turboden in the AGT MDF plant in Antalya (Southern Turkey), is going to be part of the new “AGT Enerji” biomass plant that turns wood waste into electric power.

The unit is equipped with an air-cooled condenser in order to save about 250.000 ton of water per year, when compared with a water-cooled system. On the operational side, this system assures to AGT very low operational cost and the avoidance of many water-related activities (water treatment, feeding system, filters, etc.).

The start-up of the plant is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

The main components of the ORC turbine unit are produced locally by Turboden’s Turkish subsidiary Turboden Turkey A.Ş. based in Sincan, Ankara. For the first time in Turkey not only the turbine but also the generator are produced locally, guaranteeing to the customer an increase of the tariff of 25 USD/MWh, passing from 133 to 158 USD/MWh, providing an extra bonus of about 5 Millions USD in five years.

AGT is the 12th plant installed in Turkey by Turboden, with a total projected installed capacity of 42 MWe (of which 21 MWe under construction). In the biomass sector, it is the fourth plant after Kastamonu Entegre (1 MWe), Güres (2.3 MWe) and Starwood (5.5 MWe).

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