Saint-Gobain, the French Giant Glass Company, signs two Contracts with Turboden, confirming Turboden ORC Technology a Proven Solution for the Energy Efficiency in the Glass Industry

12 July 2018

Turboden ORC* technology is the choice of the major glass factories in the world for the recovering of the waste heat to generate electric power. Turboden recently signed two new contracts with one of the biggest glass company, Saint-Gobain. The French giant chooses the ORC system for its two plants: a 1.2 MWe unit in India and 1.2 MWe in Italy. In the next weeks, Düzcecam glass plant in Turkey (6.2 MWe) will be started-up. Another big player in the glass sector, AGC Glass Europe, installed a Turboden ORC plant that is in operation since in 2012.

Some Insights on the Latest Projects Awarded to Turboden in the Glass industry

India: GEA Process engineering and Saint-Gobain choose Turboden ORC technology for a 1.2 MWe plant that recovers heat from the exhaust gas from the glass production process. Saint-Gobain, through GEA, reconfirms its trust in Turboden, purchasing another Turboden ORC plant for its factory in Italy.

Italy: with the 1.2 MWe heat recovery plant installed in Saint Gobain, Turboden achieves a successful case of optimization in the use of the energetic resources available. This plant produces electric power and compressed air, needed in the glass production plant.

The production of compressed air makes this solution highly innovative and the efficiency is guaranteed by:

- the ORC system recovers waste heat from the process

- production of compressed air without electricity consumption

- the double transformation (from the mechanic one to the electric one and reverse) is avoided

- it is the occasion for the replacement of the old compressors with the new ones

Turboden is able to produce this kind of systems for plants from 400 – 500 kWe.

The strategy of Saint-Gobain aims at limiting its own environmental impact: the company is Official Partner for COP21.

Turkey: the 6 MWe installed at Düzcecam glass plant is ready to be started up. Düzcecam is a large glass producer in Europe with a total capacity of 440.500 ton/year. The ORC system converts the off-gas waste heat from the two float glass production lines into electric power.

The ORC technology is extremely reliable, especially in the flat glass production process, where the furnace works continuously for 10-15 years: this is the ideal solution, because it allows maximizing the energy production.

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