Recovering energy from glass processing: with SACE SIMEST Turboden S.p.A is exporting a € 4,4 million plant to Turkey

01 August 2018

SACE SIMEST, the export and internationalization hub of the CDP Group, has insured the sale of a € 4.4 million installation produced by Brescia-based Turboden, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group company.  The system will be used to recover energy in one of Europe's largest glass production sites in Turkey.

The Turkish market, where we are finalizing our second project with SACE, is currently showing a good rate of economic growth and offering new business opportunities” - declared Violante Moretti, CFO of Turboden-. “Thanks to the support of SACE, we have been able to offer the Turkish buyer flexible, advantageous payment conditions that turned out to be useful for the award of the contract".

With this transaction, SACE, present in Lombardy with two offices in Milan and Brescia, confirms its commitment toward companies in the region that take out Made in Italy to the international markets. As an example of this commitment, the SACE SIMEST Hub supported the exports of 6,500 Lombard companies in 2017, mobilizing over € 3.6 billion.

Founded in 1980, Turboden is part of the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group. The Brescia-based company designs and produces ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems to generate energy from renewable sources or from the recovery of industrial heat. This technology significantly reduces the enormous energy consumption required to satisfy the production demands of manufacturing. Turboden has been present in Turkey since 2015 with an office in Ankara.

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