POSCO chooses Turboden for Energy Efficiency projects in Korea

06 August 2018

South Korea is an energy intensive country and it represents one of the most promising markets in Asia for waste heat recovery.

Strong policies have been developed to complement emissions reduction target, taking effort to diversify energy sources and foster the development of renewable energy.

POSCO ICT is at the forefront to take up such commitment and working to qualify as leader in implementing energy efficiency projects. POSCO ICT has chosen Turboden ORC technology to comply with this mission.

The two Companies have entered a long term Cooperation Agreement to support each other in scouting and evaluating the applicability of ORC power plant within POSCO facilities and in South Korea.

A first result has soon arrived: in June 2018 Turboden and POSCO ICT have signed a Contract for an ORC turbogenerator to recover process gases from a submerged arc furnace (SAF) within POSCO steel manufacturing plant.

This first experience of heat recovery from SAF will be a demo project for POSCO ICT, to prove the ORC ease of operation and ease of incorporation within an existing process.

Paolo Bertuzzi, Turboden CEO and Managing Director states “On behalf of the whole team, I would like to express our pride and honor to enter the Korean market through the cooperation with its first class player, POSCO ICT; we deeply believe we have opened the way to a series of mutual successes in the field of energy efficiency”.

Lee Chang-bok, Senior Director of POSCO ICT, said, "Turboden ORC power generation technology will be considered as one of the most efficient waste energy recovery technologies in various industrial fields as well as POSCO steelmaking plant as a technology that can infinitely create new applications. We are confident and will continue to expand our project development in collaboration with Turboden. "

The project is the first of many opportunities the two Companies intend to develop together, leveraging their respective leaderships to offer the same opportunity to other Korean Groups.

Turboden can boast of having successfully installed a number of ORC units within the iron and steel industry (heat recovery from EAF, reheating furnace, cupola furnace), from 700 kWe to 8 MWe, the oldest running from 2013.

The major players in glass, cement, steel industry (AGC, Saint Gobain, Lafarge Holcim, POSCO, Feralpi …) have already chosen Turboden, sometimes with multiple orders, to increase their competitiveness through energy efficiency, thus confirming the outstanding competence and leadership of Turboden.

IBE Corporation is exclusive agent of Turboden in South Korea.

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