European Commission rewards Italian excellence

07 November 2019

Fiusis, Turboden's customer, was awarded by the European Economic and Social Committee, in the category "Bio-based value chain", as the "best innovative model of economic and social development in European territories", thanks to the valorisation of olive tree residues for the production of electricity and ecological pellets.

We are proud that our client Fiusis S.r.l. has won the European Commission's "bio-based value chain" award in the Rubizmo project, in which more than one hundred selected companies from all over Europe were at the starting line.

Great credit is due to the founder of Fiusis, Marcello Piccinni, who has always believed in this project: "We got to the end of the line with five companies from other European countries, including Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany; when the Project Manager announced the winner, mentioning the name of FIUSIS, I can't hide my immense joy. When I founded Fiusis 10 years ago, I was inspired by those models of Sustainable Development in Central and Northern Europe, and being able to improve them in Salento and make them appreciated in Europe is a source of great pride and pride."

The story of Fiusis, based in Calimera in Salento, is a reference model for the circular economy in many rural areas. The company has built an excellent cogeneration plant (1 Megawatt electric) that produces clean heat and electricity from a single type of agricultural residue: virgin wood chips collected in the Salento countryside as waste from olive pruning. The heat generated is then used to produce bio-pellets.

Olive pruning waste in that area is usually burnt for disposal, causing polluting fumes and risking fires. Instead, Fiusis collects it for free from the farmers, who are considered key partners in the project.

This circular economy model - which turns agricultural waste into a source of energy - has created new opportunities for skilled jobs and workers in an area with some of the highest unemployment rates in Europe.

The company applies the principle of circularity intelligently and with an extremely short supply chain, transforming waste available within a 20 km radius into a valuable source of energy that supports the entire municipality of Calimera (LE).

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