Turboden Strenghtens its Leadership in the Bavarian Region with a New Geothermal Power-plant

The Italian company signed an order with E.ON Business Solutions for a 4 MWe binary system in Kirchweidach, Germany for the final customer FG Geothermie GmbH.

16 November 2020

The 4 MWe ORC turbogenerator will exploit geothermal brine from deep geothermal wells, to produce power that the German Company FG Geothermie GmbH will sell to the local grid. The saving of CO2 emission per year is estimated in about 13.850 Ton/year.

The Kirchweidach plant confirms Turboden design and manufacturing approach to the binary plants in the region: thanks to the high permeability the deep geothermal reservoir is used to produce power with zero CO2 emissions thanks to the full reinjection of the brine.

The low-temperature geothermal plant in Kirchweidach benefits also from the optimized process designed by Turboden: a two level ORC cycle feeding a single turbine. “As demonstrated by the Holzkirchen plant, this is not only a cost-effective and proven solution, but also a way to increase the overall isentropic efficiency of the expander. The plant is already capable to be connected to a district heating, according to the future expansion plans of the project” Joseph Bonafin –Sales & Business Development Manager Geothermal Turboden S.p.A.

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