The Italian Bioenergy Manifesto

04 November 2021

The Bioenergy Manifesto has been signed.

Turboden supports the initiative of Elettricità Futura and of the sector associations that, through this Manifesto, intend to promote an efficient management of the Italian bioenergy park and stimulate the application of innovative solutions.

To this end, they propose to:
📌Adjust the PNIEC to the Green Deal targets, strengthening the role of biomass.
📌Maintain the installed stock in operation, preserving and increasing its value
📌Stabilize the market for bioliquids and double counting and advanced biofuels.
📌Recognise the role of plants serving manufacturing realities.
📌Enhance local supply chains.
📌Create a medium-term perspective for investors.

The bioenergy sector in Italy today has around 3,000 plants installed for a gross efficient power of around 4,200 MW, capable of employing 43,700 people, with a total turnover of EUR 3.7 billion.

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