Unareti, Turboden and Pietro Fiorentini together to enhance the Macconago gas station in Milan with the latest technology

19 May 2023

Turboden Spa, Unareti Spa, and Pietro Fiorentini Spa join forces to enhance the Macconago reduction and measurement station, one of the main entry gates to the natural gas distribution network in Milan. An operation that aims at greater energy efficiency in the management of the network, contributing to the decarbonisation process in support of the city's environment.

The upgrade of the Macconago gas station includes the installation of about 4 MWe of gas expander, to recover electricity from natural gas load losses related to the pressure drop of the plant. This is the largest project of its kind in Italy and represents a concrete example of improving grid sustainability.

For Unareti, a2a group company, this is a significant step towards making its distribution activity ever greener and more innovative, reducing its environmental footprint: the collaboration with Turboden and Pietro Fiorentini tangibly demonstrates the commitment of the sector's operators to the energy transition of the entire Country.

We believe that this project is a significant step towards our collective goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the natural gas grid, in favor of the energy transition. Our collaboration concretely demonstrates the commitment of technology providers and gas operators to work together for the decarbonisation of our cities and the Country.

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