Generating green power and heat

Turboden explores a smart combination between electric power and heat for district heating.

09 August 2019

Increasing energy efficiency is becoming a more and more important topic in the energy intensive industries. One of the latest opportunities investigated by Turboden is the co-existence of heat recovery, aiming to produce both electric and thermal power for District Heating (DH) Networks. The motive is to identify future challenges in order to reach a future renewable non-fossil power, and to place heat supply as part of the implementation of overall sustainable energy systems. Cement plants close to cities where heat is supplied through DH networks should be interested in investigating this technical solution, in order to enhance the important role that DH has to play in future sustainable energy systems, together with a traditional heat recovery system for power generation. Heat recovery application in cement plants has been widely employed in the last 20 years, especially converting exhaust gas heat into electrical energy by means of Rankine cycle technologies – both with steam and organic fluid turbines. Cement producers already know the advantages of having a heat recovery system installed in their plants. These include lower electricity costs; an increase in ...

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