Benefits of gas expanders in the energy industry

Explore the benefits of gas expanders in the energy industry to maximize efficiency and promote energy savings for a sustainable future

06 November 2023

In the contemporary era, the energy industry is constantly in search of innovative methods to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. At the center of this research are gas expanders, which are emerging as crucial tools for enhancing the energy efficiency of gas networks. In this article, we will explore the role of gas expanders in the energy industry, examining how the expansion of natural gas contributes to energy production, and aids in energy saving.

Converting Pressure Energy into Electrical Energy

Gas expanders operate on a simple but powerful principle: converting the pressure energy of gas into electrical energy. This gas expansion process is fundamental for efficient energy production in the infrastructure of gas networks. This conversion, in fact, by exploiting the pressure drop of the gas made in the regulation and measurement stations near the users, manages to recover the energy previously spent for the compression of the gas itself and translates into a more effective use of the available energy resources.

This functionality not only contributes to energy production but also promotes significant energy savings, a goal that is more relevant than ever in an era of increasing environmental awareness.

Driving Efficiency and Energy Savings

The results in terms of energy efficiency given by gas expanders is a factor that cannot be underestimated. These devices, with their ability to operate effectively in a wide range of conditions, are fundamental in improving the overall efficiency of energy systems, particularly gas networks. Whether it's about exploiting an unused source or increasing energy efficiency, gas expanders are proving to be unparalleled allies. To date, 7 Turboden gas expanders are under construction or in operation in the Italian gas networks.

Continuous research on optimizing gas expanders in the energy industry is bearing fruit. Innovations in design and control technologies are further improving the efficiency of these devices, opening the door to new applications and making gas expansion an even more robust pillar in energy production and energy saving.

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