In this page you can find some of the videos uploaded in the YouTube Official Company account.

  • Decentralised Energy-from-Waste systems powering the circular economy
  • Turboden Mission, Vision and Charter of Values
  • Reduce your energy bill by generating your own power
  • Large Heat Pump and Steel Industry for decarbonized smart city
  • Turboden solutions for industrial processes
  • 400 plants worldwide
  • Heat ReCycle® solution
  • Happy 40th Birthday Turboden!
  • Altheim - 20 years of operation
  • Powering the future from deep underground
  • Turboden - 14 MW ORC geothermal power plant in New Mexico
  • Turboden - 17.5 MW ORC geothermal power plant in Velika Ciglena
  • Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle in Oil&Gas industry - Heat recovery in a Gas Compressor Station
  • Turboden Steam&Power ORC System
  • Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle for biomass cogeneration: how it works
  • Turboden and Siemens Energy for a first of its kind project in Egypt
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