Gas Expander

Turboden gas expander is a solution to enhance the energy efficiency of a natural gas network infrastructure, producing electricity by taking advantage of the reduction of gas pressure from the delivery level to the one required by users, be they residential or industrial.

Gas Expander

Unlike the reduction stations (still present in by-pass to the turboexpander, for safety reasons, as a redundant system), the turboexpanders exploit the pressure drop to produce electricity, improving the energy efficiency of the entire gas distribution system.

Gas Expander


  • Design based on 40 years of experience, leveraging Mitsubishi Heavy Industries support
  • Long experience in the energy efficiency sector
  • Profit generation while reducing the gas pressure 
  • Solution for natural gas network decarbonisation
  • Unmanned installations, thanks to specific technology features
  • Turn-key equipment capabilities
  • Over 60 Turboden turbine models within the 390 power plants fleet


  • Wide range of solutions, starting from 100 kWe (indicatively 5,000 Sm3/h with a pressure ratio of 9-10)
  • Ease of integration into existing gas network facilities
  • Simple and reliable handling of partial loads
  • Design based on wide field-proven track record
  • Simple and robust power set (expander and generator)
  • No major overhaul
  • Over 330 turbines in operation in 45 countries
  • 40 years of experience in the design and production of turbomachinery
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries constant support
  • High availability
  • Long life (>20 years)
  • Structured after-sales team, prompt assistance and personalized service packages

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