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Turboden, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group company, is an Italian firm and a global leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, highly suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. The company was founded in 1980 in Milan by Mario Gaia, Professor of Energy at the Politecnico di Milano and today Honorary Chairman of Turboden. In 2013 Turboden became part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group that strongly supports Turboden in the development of innovative solutions.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), headquartered in Tokyo, is one of the world’s leading industrial firms with 80,000 group employees and annual consolidated revenues of around 38 billion U.S. dollars (year 2016). For more than 130 years, the company has channeled big thinking into innovative and integrated solutions that move the world forward. MHI owns a unique business portfolio covering land, sea, sky and even space. MHI delivers innovative and integrated solutions across a wide range of industries from commercial aviation and transportation to power plants and gas turbines, and from machinery and infrastructure to integrated defense and space systems.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was founded in 1884, a year of great change for Japan. Beginning in the maritime transport business, Mitsubishi expanded into areas such as shipbuilding, mining, and banking. The company was formed to support Japan on its path to becoming a modern state. Mitsubishi combined its shipbuilding and aircraft departments to set up Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The company moved into new industrial fields covering sea, land and air. MHI achieved major successes and aggressively expanded into new businesses in fields ranging from energy to the environment and space. Its contributions in trade and innovation help the global economy grow.

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As Prof. Mario Gaia has always liked to sketch his ideas on paper, one day he stylized a turbine that reminded so much the sail of an Oriental junk that he thought it couldn't be a coincidence. From that moment the turbine that reminds the Oriental junk is the mascot of the company. The traditional Oriental junk sail has a unique design, developed over the centuries, which is easy to use, so that a crew of few sailors can run a large ship; efficient, getting the most even from light winds; safe, the sail can be reduced quickly in case of strong winds, even by a single person. 
Its combined features well represent the aim of Turboden in creating efficient, safe, user-friendly as well as environmentally friendly products, as the payoff "clean energy ahead" remarks.