Turboden to Provide Sustainable Power to Indigenous First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada

10 February 2020

  • 8,000 kW Project enhances environmental and economic sustainability of community thanks to carbon-neutral heat and power generation with woody biomass fuel
  • System to power 5,000 homes and significantly improve air quality

Brescia, February 10, 2020 - Turboden S.p.A has concluded a contract to provide the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC), representing nine Indigenous First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada, with a 8,000 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system that uses sawmill residual woody biomass as fuel.

The carbon-neutral power project, operating under the name of the MLTC Bioenergy Centre, will be located near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan within the traditional territory of the nine First Nations of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC). The green power generation facility, with major equipment supplied by Turboden, is a project of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council, supported with funding from the Government of Canada. The facility will produce electricity from an ORC system(Note) utilizing Turboden's technology, with biomass fuel derived from residual wood waste from the adjacent, MLTC-owned NorSask Forest Products LP (NorSask) sawmill as heating fuel. The system is expected to produce 6,600kW (net) of carbon neutral baseload electricity to power approximately 5,000 homes. The project is expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by more than one million tonnes over 25 years (equivalent to CO2 emission of more than 50,000 vehicles per year), as well as significantly reduce smoke and other harmful particulate matter, improving the local air quality conditions. In addition to the generated electricity, the cogeneration system design provides process heat to the NorSask sawmill buildings as well as new high efficiency lumber dry kiln, which will reduce natural gas consumption and also improve the economics of Canada's largest 100% Indigenous-owned sawmill facility.

Note: Turboden's binary cycle power generation system has as its core component an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine, which uses as the boiling medium organic material with a low boiling point, such as a fluorocarbon or hydrocarbon-based material. This permits the use of relatively low-temperature heat sources such as biomass, factory waste heat, and geothermal energy. The system can generate up to 40,000kW of electricity, and can be easily installed in non-fuel producing regions or areas lacking water resources, such as inland areas, deserts, and islands. It is also able to provide stable power generation without being subject to the weather or other factors.

Turboden S.p.A., a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is an Italian firm that provides reliable and proven technological solutions for the enhancement of energy efficiency and for the valorization of renewable sources. Since 1980, the company designs, manufactures and maintains Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, highly suitable for distributed generation, which produce electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources. Thanks to its long experience in the energy efficiency sector, today Turboden expands its solutions with gas expanders and large heat pumps to contribute to the worldwide efforts to mitigate global warming by creating reliable and clean energy systems that are safe, cost-efficient and easy-to-use. Turboden is now present in 45 countries with 390 plants. www.turboden.com

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