Turboden first biomass ORC project in South America for the Climate Change Mitigation.

04 August 2021

A 3.7 MWe Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system supplied to La Gloria S.A. for the disposal of 35.000 ton/y of rice husks in Parral, Chile that will contribute to save 8.567tCO2-eq./year, equal to the C02 absorption of a forest area of 3.360 soccer fields, comparable with the size of the center of Santiago.

Turboden S.p.A., a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group Company, is the supplier of the 3.7 MWe ORC system to La Gloria S.A., for the production of electric energy from agricultural residues such as rice husk.

The generated power is supplied to an electric company and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by replacing the grid power. In addition, this project prevents air pollution caused by open burning of agricultural residue or avoid additional CO2 production when the residual is leaving on the fields.

By adopting Organic Rankine Cycle technology, which does not require water consumption, it also contributes to the climate change adaptation regarding water scarcity issues that Chile is facing in the last years.

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