New Technologies to recover heat.

With the direction of Csmt EU funds for two new ones projects with Turboden OriMartin and A2A

06 May 2020

BRESCIA. At the cost of appearing banal, it could be said that it is a bit the discovery of hot water. But it would be trivial. Also because, rather than discovering hot water, our story tells of how this hot water could be better used, saving a lot of money and patching the problems of the environment. New experimental ways to recover heat. This is what it is about.

Four actors.
Today's story concerns three, or rather four, companies from Brescia: Turboden (let's say among the leading companies in the world in the production of heat recovery systems), Ori Martin (city steel mill, among the most advanced in the use of new technologies), A2A (which does not require any presentation) and the Csmt, or the center that stands next to the Faculty of Engineering and which deals with research, technology transfer and fund research and which has the shareholder of reference. These are the actors. And let's get to the project. In the background, as mentioned, there is the environmental and energy recovery theme connected to the European Life call which puts 450 million on the plate for environmental sustainability projects and which encourages companies to come together (at least two) to do, for the in fact, environmental sustainability projects.

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