Qualified staff is exclusively dedicated to the customer assistance, both from remote and on-site, with the aim of optimizing the management of the plants. The customer can choose the most suitable service package thanks to the wide range of services offered.


  • Customer request or Turboden planned check

    Customer request or Turboden planned check

  • Trend analysis with local operator support

    Trend analysis with local operator support

  • Focused teamwork and technical decisions

    Focused teamwork and technical decisions

  • REACTION PLAN: remote or on-site

    REACTION PLAN: remote or on-site

  • Satisfied customer

    Satisfied customer


Our remote support shortens the distance, by connecting you with Turboden experts at any time you want. Through the updated Turboden Online Service TOS 4.0, our advanced service management tool, we proactively serve our fleet by detecting and resolving field issues even before the customer realises that there is a need. TOS 4.0 is deployed across multiple devices. As a result, it allows you to collaborate with our engineers remotely in real time. It is like having an expert by your side at all times.


  • Prompt assistance for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Consultancy and guidance to enhance operation and plant performance

NEW TOS 4.0 - The Digital Platform for Information and Data Exchange dedicated to Turboden Customer

Turboden is pleased to announce the launch of the new interactive platform as a more enhanced tool for its customers.
Thanks to this implementation, the exchange of information and data will be easier and smarter.

  • High interaction supported by multi-channel communication systems
  • High performance for faster troubleshooting
  • More accurate remote diagnostics thanks to multi-format file sharing
  • Reliable data storage for technical documentation and versioning management
  • Improved reporting system
  • Easier and faster control and approval of on-site interventions


Improve the reliability of your plant by trusting Turboden maintenance expertise!
We offer a wide range of planned maintenance services and we can design a customised service program tailored to the needs of your equipment. We minimise the plant downtime and, whenever possible, we schedule it alongside the customer needs. All costs for parts and labor are included in the coverage.

  • Basic: ordinary maintenance activities
  • Level 1: revision of the ORC turbine
  • Level 2: revision of other rotating components

No matter how many times it is needed, you will have wear parts covered. This service includes the supply of materials and related manpower for the main components: turbine, feed pump, working fluid, air cooled condenser.

Availability guarantee: we know that the downtime of your equipment is loss of money and we take responsibility for that. Entrust our extensive service programs and we will refund you if the plant availability is less than expected.

Extension of warranty: after the expiration of the original warranty, there will be no surprises. We will fix and repair, at all costs, from the ORC turbine only to all the components.

We want you to keep the parts you may need on hand to minimise risks and downtime. Count on our parts program to get your equipment back on-line in the shortest time possible.

    We supply extensive parts-kits for your own site inventory, or single replacement parts.
    Rely on our dedicated warehouse of critical parts in stock to be sure to have the parts you need at the time you need them.




Turboden relies on a local and high-qualified network of service subsidiaries and international service partner companies to deliver support and prompt assistance on-site.

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